Hunger was good discipline

Hunger has thrown out plenty of other thoughts and notions, although somehow at the moment, my pride is holding me back from sorting through rubbish and such. It impresses me, however, how resourceful I become when “want a snack” transforms into “need something to eat”. For example, I felt I was being more intelligent with the way I used the few coins I had left yesterday, or simply more inventive in the way I ‘ration’ the biscuits I have.

To be honest, it feels terrible to wake up and not know when I will have a meal again, but it feels like a great way of sorting out what is important and what is not. I suppose that is where fasting comes in handy. Maybe people who fast have something resembling true clarity.

Finally, people sometimes ask that question “what would you take to a desert island?” to determine what your most important possession is. Think of your answer, then go out while leaving your money at home. 

Try hunger for a day or two – not to the point that you pass out, mind – and then think about your answer to that question again. Is it really that important?


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