Oh boy, I’m in deep trouble.

See, I’m a writer. I build worlds with words. I try to capture sensations, and feelings. And that’s even on a good day, when the muses are being kind.

But now, I can’t stop thinking of those blasted beautiful eyes! I don’t even have enough words for those. I don’t have enough words to describe what I feel when she smiles, or how foolishly I behave even knowing she’s in the room.

I can certainly say I behave like a proper idiot.

That day she called my name, and I followed, in true puppy style, because she just wanted to say goodnight.

Within moments, I was standing in the drizzling rain, yet it didn’t matter to me if I was drenched because I had those precious few seconds more with her.

Damn those mesmerising eyes! I’d follow them to the ends of the earth. Such is the gravity of my condition.


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