Writer S.O.S.

Writing late at night seems to suit me greatly. I used to write great pieces at 2 or 3 a.m. because I would fall asleep, and then wake up at that time.

Don’t really know what’s wrong these days.

If I were a scientist, I’d say “let’s consider the variables”. In this case, I suppose those would be time, place, mood, and theme.

Well, I guess the time is pretty consistent.

Place is at my desk, or in bed.

Mood is variable.

Yesterday morning I was in a murderous rage, which isn’t the most constructive phase to be in – although depending on the day, it can produce quite intriguing and terrifying results.

After I returned from being out, it came back in a different incarnation: the “lovesick puppy” mood. Another dangerous mood; means wanting to write about one thing and one thing alone. This often means getting frustrated with my lack of originality and imagination.

Theme is variable too. So far, I have been trying to write reviews of shows. Don’t get me wrong, they were amazing shows, but I just can’t seem to get words to flow. Part of me wonders whether this is due to my current preoccupation with the vampire smile. Maybe not. Maybe I just need to actually focus on other stuff (like my law assessment). But then, I’m not great with obligations (in other words, I’m lazy).


When my muse gets back from her holiday (since she clearly is AWOL these days), I’m going to give her hell for leaving me with this writer’s itch and no inspiration.


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