My confession

I’ve been busy these past few days. Over the course of 4 days I managed to go from “I need to keep myself busy” to “I have no time”. I joined the Steampunk society, went to a fetish night, and found myself filling in a part in a musical.

Yesterday, I met the musical theatre cast. They were quite amazing. Very helpful, kind, and willing to show me everything. We had fun, and everything came fairly easily, although I wouldn’t say I’m talented; they made it very easy for me to fit in.

New acquaintances, new activities… I can see what the film ‘Yes man’ was about. Opening eyes to possibilities, opens up your world.

Nonetheless, I realised yesterday that no amount of new acquaintances, or exciting, and fun activity (such as rehearsing for a musical) will fill the void that you created. Well, you didn’t create it, but meeting you highlighted the fact there was a void to be filled. A void nobody else seems to fill. Nobody makes me that nervous, and nobody makes me so ridiculously happy.

I am such a fool for you.

Maybe one day you’ll hear my confession. Maybe not.


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