Happy New Year?

30 minutes before the heralding of the New Year (in Scotland, at least), and I still can’t make up my mind.

What was I thinking?

I have been heavily confused since the early hours of this morning by this – seeing as our troupe had a New Year’s Eve celebration yesterday, due to unforeseen scheduling clashes.

With my unlimited free time on this day, I have tried to reason with myself. There was one girl I wanted to spend New Year’s Eve with, and in her inebriated state (too many shots), she kissed me yesterday. I suppose that is why I followed her around all night. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

However, about 4 days ago, I asked her best friend out on a date. What’s more, it is apparently very obvious that the bestie and I get along quite well… perhaps too well.

Now, in theory, I could claim to be single, and just not care who I sleep with or what I do, but I’ve come to realise that’s not my style. I am single, indeed, and quite free to do what I want, but I am allowed to set my own constraints to stop myself from being an asshole.

Anyhow, this new year seems to be starting off with plenty of confusion, but also determination. I am determined to be better (as at the beginning of every year, I suppose), and determined I will know what to do soon. For now, it seems as though I have nothing to do but wait and see how it will play out.


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