Fuck off.

“I know you’ve not always been Eric, but I think you look wonderful.”

“I know you’re a lassie, by the way.”

Just want to punch a wall.

It was a perfectly fine night before that, but two ‘nice person’ comments one after another kinda ruined it. I don’t know how either of them knew I’m trans, but I just want to kick something.

Piss off.

Do you walk up to someone and say “I know you’ve not always had blue hair, but I think you look wonderful”? Do you say “I know you have brown hair, by the way”?Admittedly, comparing gender issues to hair is not ideal, as being told I am “not a guy” (or “not always Eric”) affects me way too much.

I don’t know how either of the two people who mentioned this know. One probably knows through our mutual friends; as for the other – no idea. What a way to ruin a good night…

Yes, it was a karaoke bar, and no, I can’t reach all those deliciously low notes. But so what? What the fuck urges someone to say “I know you’ve not always been Eric but…”? Part of me is saying “die cis scum, die!” but I suspect they don’t know any better, although one of the two people claimed she had a friend who is trans. Sometimes it’s nice to get people who “understand” or who are full of support; just not from random strangers, and not when you’re out having a laugh.

The hate, I can feel it bubbling up – almost started crying and growling with anger. Fortunately, we left, and I came home.

It’s sort of like stopping someone in the middle of a dramatic play and telling them they need to improve their acting; unless you know your shit, you should shut the fuck up.

So, to you, oh joyous people who think that expressing your support towards someone who just wants to have a good time with a few friends, I say this:



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