I hear…

I hear the tip-tapping of the keyboard. In the distance, a plane engine growls.

I hear the jingle-jangle of dog tags as I shift my weight.

I hear the music of your laughter.

I hear the pen scratching on paper, as you elegantly move through time and space in an alternate universe. You’re a writer, so you’re here but not here, drifting into a different world crafted by each swish of your pen.

I hear the low buzz of the computer as it waits on you.

I hear the crinkling of paper. I see the ball of white crumpled beside you before it moves through the air and hits me squarely on the nose.

“It’s not right,” you say with a  frustrated growl.

I hear you shuffle towards the desk, hands searching for more paper, more fuel to appease the fire of your fury and unravel your fantasy.

I hear you settle back into your seat on the bed, paper rustling in hand, while I dangle upside down on the edge.

I hear silence followed swiftly by a giggle – you’re looking over and wondering out loud what the fuck I am doing in this absurd position.

Before I can move or react, a kiss lands roughly on my neck.

I hear my heart skip a beat.


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