Silent night

The house is still and silent. The dog is asleep with his head on the mattress and his body on the floor, while the cats begrudgingly rest on top of the cupboard and fridge. The occasional car passes on the street by the window. Only the humans lie awake in the dead of night, feigning sleep. Exhaustion isn’t even an option – they are both tired from the day’s events and dread the day to come. She tosses from one side to the other; he sits awake, wondering silently.

Where is it all going? Are we lying to ourselves? Is this really what we want? 

The dog shifts position, and shoehorns himself between them, curling up into a ball where the pillows meet.

Is it foolish to feel trapped in such a life? Is it something that anyone can walk away from? Is this what i want? I love all the animals, but taking care of them seems to have become my primary function.

He lies awake, staring at the ceiling. He rotates to one side, trying to sleep like all the other creatures in the household, but to no avail. His journey towards sleep is sabotaged by the dog snoring beside him.

Then again, it was my idea to get a dog. Is it not possible to smash through the ‘white picket fence’ and just go galloping towards the horizon? Sleep is hard when you feel like such a waste of space.