Writing exercise 1: Fact and fiction

[I signed up for a fiction writing course on Futurelearn and this is the result of the first exercise we were given. One paragraph with 1 fact and 3 elements of fiction, and another paragraph with the reverse – i.e. 3 facts, and one element of fiction.]
I. Anne Boleyn was Henry’s second wife. She adored him, yet was incredibly suspicious and constantly vigilant of any interaction he had with other women. After all, he’d annulled his previous marriage and left his queen for her lady in waiting without a second thought. She lay awake at night, wondering… How could she trust a man whose affections were so fickle? Did he even love her? And she’d seen the way he looked at Jane. The longing, burning lustful gaze he used to give her was now reserved for that ugly, vile viper!

II. King Henry VIII is known as the man responsible for the separation of the Church of England from papal control. Ironically, a few years prior to this act – which resulted in his excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church – he had been named Defender of the Faith by Pope Leo X. He firmly believed he was God’s prophet and interpreter, destined to use divine wisdom to rule and uphold the peace after the turbulent Wars of the Roses, an idea which he recorded in his memoirs.

Henry VIII: Kinda pompous-lookin’, ain’t he? (Then again, I guess he could be, what with being the King of England)


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