Writing exercise 2: Character sketch

[This assignment involved writing a short character sketch – no more than 200 words]

There he stood, his back straight before the raging sea. The wind slapped violently at his white attire – white trousers, white shirt. It struck a harsh contrast with the olive darkness of his skin, although it matched the streaks of grey-white in his receding hairline. From behind, it seemed he was trim, so nothing prepared the eye for the bulge that was his belly. It looked as though he’d swallowed a basketball.

Beady brown eyes narrowed as he squinted against the brightness of the sun. They disappeared into the creases of his round face, their existence only remembered by the two grey eyebrows perched above them.

Smoke formed from the remains of a dying cigarette in his mouth, barely visible underneath a scruffy moustache. As he yawned, the cigarette butt drooped a little but stayed in place. It seemed permanently attached to his lower lip. Even as he spat out phlegm for the fish to feast on, it only twitched slightly, like a quivering compass needle.

He held a battered fishing rod in one podgy hand, while the other was attached to a shiny green beer can. Bringing it to his mouth, he gulped it down, crushed the empty can, burped, and reached for another from his bag.


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