NaNoWriMo 2015 at the last minute

This year, I’m feeling much more confident about my fiction writing skills. Perhaps it’s the fact that I’ve just spent more time doing it, researching things, and creating characters properly. I’ve been writing so much more, possibly because I find I need to escape more than simply being faced with a mental block. I’ve been writing every day, have started a course on fiction writing, and found that people actually respond to my style, bizarre as I find it to be. That, and my father’s words of encouragement seem to have created the ideal conditions for actually contemplating novel writing as a serious occupation. I doubt that I’ll reach the 50,000 word mark on NaNoWriMo (not for lack of trying but just because I don’t really want to aim for that right now… a story with simple cohesion is fine for me at the moment), but I really want to put these newfound skills and confidence to some use.

Here goes nothing…


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