Could we start again please?

So… blogging. Why am I doing it? To be fair, I haven’t really done much of it since 2016 stomped in. I’ll admit, I think my original purpose has been twisted and altered by Time (and my own shifting goals). My motives are purely selfish. With the new year well underway, I am now taking the opportunity to declare this a fresh start.

As the song goes, could we start again please?

I’ve no idea where this year will take me, but last year I managed to write my first fictional short story (there have been others, but I’d slot them under creative non-fiction and/or failed attempts). 2015 saw my exploits screech to a halt, because of health problems. I’m still in a precarious situation healthwise – though feeling much better than before, since, well, you know, I’m alive!

What better way to celebrate life than seize this opportunity and spout literary blasphemy? Actually, after doing the course on Futurelearn, I’ve not been able to stop typing or writing in some form or another. It probably borders on insanity, but I want to write until my fingers bleed, till the words make no sense, and my thoughts grind themselves into stardust.





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