How To Live Like Anna Karina by Lorna Irvine


Anna Karina une Screen icon, legend, muse to Jean Luc Godard, and the darling of the Cahiers Du Cinema, Anna Karina endures. Now a sprightly, still feisty seventy five, her story of being discovered at seventeen, and poster girl for the avant garde, is well known by film aficionados worldwide.

She’s also a style icon, as subsequent generations of women, from Alexa Chung to Charlotte Gainsbourg have emulated her classic look.

Yada,yada. Here are some tips to make yourself more like Karina. It’s not hugely practical.

  • Skip a lot. In public. The general consensus will be you are carefree, a gamine and spirited / a bit of a twat. (Delete where applicable).
  • Always post black and white images of yourself on Instagram. YOU are the colour.
  • Sleep with an auteur.
  • Smoke constantly, particularly when arriving an hour late to meet friends.
  • Widen your eyes at every available opportunity.It doesn’t look deranged. You’re…

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