New Year, New title?

The next assignment suggests a new title and tagline. One that sounds like “you” (that is, me). When I started, ‘the cookie jar’ sounded like a great title; it represented something I love a lot (cookies – yes, I’m quite certain I’m related to the Cookie monster), and a container you never want to get caught with your hand in (cookie jar). Also, it’s a container you can store stuff in. Good stuff, hopefully.

Hmm…Perhaps it’s time for a change…

Apparently puns are good. I like puns (sometimes). I like alliteration too. I like words that sound like they’ve been forged in the heat of some literary battle and now lie forgotten (words like… verisimilitude!). Sure, they sound bloody pretentious and extremely ridiculous in everyday use, but they have a silent obsolete beauty of their own, like when you see someone driving by in a well-maintained antique car. Just cause it’s old as – (fill in the gap yourselves, you lazy buggers!) – doesn’t mean it’s defunct.

I also like pairing words that don’t ordinarily go together – usually sticking a slang or crude one right next to a really fancy one…




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