#Letters From The Ward – 2

[More ramblings… I’ve used words in bold and italics to give emphasis to things I circled and underlined on the original]

KFC order

Suddenly step out of line and everyone looks smug when I step back in. Menu has disappeared but everyone is still waving their money round.


Lost and stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Cupboards full of darkness and no sound. What is the meaning of the cupboards full of darkness?


Silent scream

Woke up in a silent scream, still not knowing what was real or not. Thought I saw a Babadook*. Broke through three layers, and thought I had a glass in my hand, smashed it against the window, but it wouldn’t break.

Infinite darkness…


Crossword puzzle killer.

Sneaking into a school, using a computer to write a crime novel called “Chemistry”, not being able to print, so had to run off as daylight approached. Weirdly left no marks on the upper floors, but had left chalk (?) footprints. Told schoolchildren to keep quiet and distract their parents/teachers while I made my escape. Kept getting lost. Was wearing trackies, afro hair and no shoes. Left footprints.


Flew a hijacked commercial plane. Controls were simplified. Various terrorists had sabotaged various parts of the plane – including killing the captain. Of course, who steps up to ‘save the day’? Didn’t get to landing, but didn’t crash either. Sat down in the victim’s seat and couldn’t see any controls aside from the one I was holding.

[In a bubble on the side of the page: Who is Murphy????]

*For those who have no idea what a Babadook is, here’s the film: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2321549/


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