Friday Feature: time for the regulars to shuffle in…

Aside from my usual contemplation of ‘what to write today’, I’ve been pondering what regular feature I could add to my blog, in accordance with the suggestion from the Blogging 101 course. I had thought to share a word of the day, every day, but then I realised that there are other things I want to tackle – like reading up on theatre theory, or writing (shit) poetry and other animals. [Speaking of animals, I’ve promised some kids a story about penguins and one about piranhas… should get on that sometime soon!]

Anyway, I’m glad to announce, I finally found it! I had my EUREKA moment.


Every Friday, I shall tear myself away from whatever I’m doing to offer you a post about the things I’m reading. Reading in the sense of sitting down and finishing a book was something I hadn’t done in ages, and instead of complaining I don’t have time, I forced myself to reintroduce the habit to my life. Every morning during breakfast and every night for at least half an hour before bed, I read. It’s not a lot, but it’s been enough to get me back into it. Apparently all writers are meant to read – a way of fueling the imagination, feeding new words and ideas into the brain machine.

Today I managed to read while in the doctor’s waiting room. A public place – and I actually had the discipline to stick to my book! Sure, this isn’t a great achievement compared to other things (like mastering university-level algebra or something) but it’s important to me. Not only did it prove I have the discipline (and brain energy) to do it, but it also proves another important – far more valuable, perhaps – point: shoving my lame excuses aside, and just altering my life even in the slightest, I can do anything. Slowly, but surely.

Speaking of reading, have you seen the goodreads widget I’ve added at the bottom of this page? (Unfortunately, this theme doesn’t accommodate sidebar widgets) Scrolling right down, you can see what I’m reading at the moment – there, right next to the Blogging 101 badge. I would beam with pride, but I’m not sure that’s possible across the Internet.




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