And so it begins…

Finally. Starting an online course on theatre and criticism. And not just any course – this is a university accredited course. I don’t know why that’s important, but it is. Might be because I’ve never dealt with criticism or philosophy or theatre at university level.


First stop: Aristophanes and realism (no idea how Aristophanes could be considered realistic, but that’s why I’m taking this course…to learn).

So excited!!!

Let the games begin!


8 thoughts on “And so it begins…

    1. To be honest, the specific translation of the course title is “Aristophanes: a peculiar/quaint realism”. I can see how his plays have a dose of realism in them, in that he tries to deal with reality in a peculiar way (for example, the ‘extreme’ idea of women being in charge in Assembly of Women or Lysistrata were probably a reaction to the ‘eternal’ war that raged between Athens and Sparta) but I still don’t see how that could be interpreted as realism…

      I’ll keep you posted!

      1. Looking forward to your updates, as I always found Aristophanes intriguing, particularly in his sense of humor.

        Βρεκεκεκὲξ κοὰξ κοάξ


      2. I know the ancient Greeks are credited with inventing lots of things like democracy and philosophy, but as far as I can tell, Aristophanes was a master of the fart joke! He does have loads of intellectual jokes, but fart jokes and scatological humour were definitely not beneath him!

      3. Is it still considered ‘appropriate’ nowadays or are we too sophisticated for that? 😛

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