the spaces in between

Yes, I’m reblogging myself… I’m that arrogant.

FreeFall - EN

by Mr. Wolf

who are you? 

He raises his gaze. The alien in the glass stares.

The question echoes across the vacuum between his ears, a riddle bouncing around void space. Is anyone out there to hear it?

Eyes trace the outline of a tired face, searching, hoping. As if the ugly mug in the mirror might know better.

A trembling hand reaches out to touch the image, the false idol.

Or am I the false one? The shadow of a reflection?

He dreads to contemplate the answer.

Cold glass meets hard fingertips.

Worlds existing in parallel, never intended to meet.

living in ink-covered pages.

belonging to stolen words.

breathing in the spaces in between.

who are you, really?

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