cogito ergo sum…(yeah, right)

“Cogito ergo sum” (usually translated as “I think, therefore I am”)

-René Descartes, philosopher, mathematician

If thinking is a prerequisite to existence and existence a prerequisite to thinking (i.e. sort of like the good old ‘which came first: the chicken or the egg?’ question), does that then mean that animals do not exist? Do they think? Is it possible for us to know  what they think? Or do they exist in a different realm to ours? Do we care?


One thought on “cogito ergo sum…(yeah, right)

  1. I believe each of is – probably – creating his or her our own reality, moment by moment. Ergo, we are – probably – also creating the animals who appear to be sharing this same momentarily created existence with us.

    Or, of course, the animals could be creating us: you or I may be but figments of the imagination of some chihuahua, worm or butterfly! There is another version of Descartes in English: I’m pink, therefore I’m Spam. (Referring to a disgusting-tasting pink tinned meat rather than unwanted emails.)

    Also – found on Google: I think, therefore you don’t: I think, therefore I’m single: I think, therefore I’m dangerous and – my favourite – I think, therefore I am… I think).

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