A Skewed Perspective: The Hateful Eight by Elliot Roberts



What follows is not a review of Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight, but rather the observations of a dramaturg on some of the more theatrical aspects of mainstream cinema’s favourite mix-tape style auteur.

In the run up to my seeing The Hateful Eight at the cinema, I was tipped off by a number of friends to this film containing more theatrical elements than some of Tarantino’s other work.

I should preface this of course by highlighting that by theatrical I do not necessarily mean exaggerated, which in some common usage it is synonymous with, but rather to mean that which utilises techniques drawn from or commonly used in theatrical form.

And, following my attendance at the pictures tonight to see it for myself, I was interested to observe a few particularities about the more theatrical aspects of The Hateful Eight from my admittedly skewed perspective.

In a number of…

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