a winter’s tale

A few days ago, I was watching A Winter’s Tale (nothing to do with the Shakespeare play) on TV… Well, I wouldn’t say ‘watching’ – I only watched a few minutes of it. The story is kinda your average romantic mush as far as I can tell, but there’s a really good (in my opinion), brief, speech in it. Of course, it’s uttered by the ‘ultimate’ bad guy (here played by Will Smith – and surprisingly fitting, despite it not being a role I would expect to see him in):

Now? You have no idea what “now” is. Now, I was flying. Now I breath fire and ate them as they fled. Now I whipped my tail and winds fled. Now I am hidden in this pale shade of flesh and bone. Now, I am witness to man’s eternal salvation, now I am witness to his demise. Do NOT speak to me of time, demon! Its simplest legalist terms delude your meagre understanding! Find another way! *NOW*


2 thoughts on “a winter’s tale

  1. There was a brilliant cartoon series called The Critic once. It parodied Keanu Reeves doing Shakespeare: “Hath not a dude eyes?
    If you prick us,do we not get bummed?
    If we eat guacamole, do we not blow chunks?”
    Makes me laugh twenty years later!

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