clutter-al damage

[Apologies for the really bad pun. I just couldn’t help it!]

I’ve decided that today is organise-my-desk day. Of course, it’s futile because it will return to the reign of Chaos in less than two days’ time, but at least I can now see the (dusty) surface of the desk under all the books and papers! I have to finish off (or well… start and then finish off!) an essay question but I find that when it gets really really cluttered, it impacts subconsciously on my state of mind. Maybe minimalists have a point… (at least in spatial arrangement terms) As far as I can tell, you might own piles and piles of stuff, but if you organise it efficiently, it doesn’t feel like an oppressive environment.

Meanwhile, I keep remembering a catch-phrase from a car wash back in Cyprus:

a clean car is a happy car

It had a big yellow smiley face stamped next to it, as if it was the Sun trying to convince us it was REALLY REALLY HAPPY .

Anyway, I’ll get back to desk organising so I can get to work!


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