update: the search continues…

Before I head to bed, I thought I’d write a brief summary of my progress with my audio project (which shall resume next week).

So far, I’ve collected about 3/4 of my source audio clips.

I started out with hunting down sources from fiction or really old radio shows, but somehow certain words caused the operation to veer towards political speeches. You wouldn’t believe the kind of s*** people say in them! Maybe I’ll post links when I’m done with this.

Anyway, while searching, I’ve been trying to stick to public domain sources (partly for copyright reasons and partly because it’s not very nice to steal other people’s stuff). Also, to make my life harder, I challenged myself to steer clear of any recordings of Shakespeare and have consequently eliminated a substantial part of recordings in the English language! I mean, I’m a great fan and I know he’s popular but had no idea how popular he truly was…

Unbelievably, some words just seem to have fallen out of use entirely (in English) or are not used in cases or speeches or works that have been recorded.

The words I’m struggling with thus far:

-‘syndicates’ :well, a lot of stuff about the audio problems with video game Assassin’s Creed Syndicate keeps turning up…

– ‘consummated’ : I was hoping it would turn up in a poem somewhere, but I’ve not made much progress

– ‘all-powerful’ :discovered some recordings of sermons, maybe I’ll find it in there…



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