unappreciated “artist”: the zoo

Tried to make a funny comic yesterday, but Dad didn’t appreciate it (or he didn’t get it?). Maybe I should go for unfunny doodles. Currently have post-it notes filled with angry octupi (or is it octupuses?) crawling out of dark places, and a sleeping dragon… And an adopted crocodile or alligator.

Plan for today:

  1. Drink coffee.
  2. Accept drawings and doodles are doomed to be unfunny.
  3. Study a bit.
  4. Drink more coffee.
  5. Read.
  6. Drink another coffee. (don’t worry, it’s all decaf!)
  7. Doodle.
  8. Find the remaining fragments of audio for my audio project
  9. List the obscenities in Aristophanes
  10. Reorganise FreeFall and schedule some prompts.
  11. Do some writing
  12. Find old teacher’s email and give thanks (I’m not sure they’d even recognise me….still, what’s holding me back?)

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