strange dreams

You know something’s wrong when you wake up from a dream about huge ants, acid (as in, hydrochloric acid – not LSD)  and other chemicals. Specifically,it was something about a huge ant (that actually looked like huge beetle… talk about inaccuracy!) and me taking it down through the knowledge that it contains kinase (which in reality, ants don’t – or at least, it’s not something they’re known for, unlike say, the reputation army ants have for their murderous eat-anything-in-our-way tendency ). In the frenzy, I also ended up with a sharp pain in my chest (not exactly a good sign for someone who has a heart condition) and burns from an extremely low pH acid.

But hey, I killed the evil ant (??) and survived, so it’s not all bad, right?

At least, that’s what I told myself last night when I jolted awake at 3.30 a.m. .It took an hour and a half of reading and listening to music to be able to get back to sleep. Plus, I rationalised it this way: I had already defeated the terrible creature once so if it came back next time I was asleep, I could defeat it again. Doesn’t really sound reasonable or even logical but it kind of helped. Who am I to argue with nightmare logic?



4 thoughts on “strange dreams

  1. I have been re-reading a book called Getting Well Again by Dr O. Carl Simonton. Published in 1978 – so a bit New Age. I bought it originally to see if there was any way to avoid getting dementia, like Mum, and looked at it again this time as my Canadian brother-in-law now has terminal cancer. I sent a copy to my sister.

    I get the impression the ideas in this book such as visualising your ailment, and visualising the army of – whatevers – that are now coming to fight it – would be applicable to any illness. Maybe your subconscious is actually doing that of its own accord? In which case the fact that in your dream you managed to vanquish the evil ant with the acid may well have been, as you surmise, a hopeful sign.

  2. Okay,here’s a theory to disregard. Aren’t ants a symbol of the work force? It could be your subconscious telling you to slow down? Maybe I’m talking crap, but ants are like little workers.

    Either that,or cut down on weird-ass sci-fi films!

    Hope you’re feeling better x

    1. I didn’t think of it that way… I think it was because I’d spent the day studying Aristophanes’ “Peace” which involves a huge dung beetle (ok, different bug…hehe)! Plus, I’d spent half the day worrying about some health stuff – it obviously manifested as a fusion of the two!

      You got something against weird-ass sci-fi films? hehehe…

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