when in Rome…

When frustrated, I usually try to do something creative. Today, ‘something creative’ was an attempt at translating an essay I recently wrote trying to prove the link between classical Greek tragedy and the philosophy of its time.

The original essay in Greek was probably already out of hand, but I added a few comments in the English version to ‘spice it up’ (or well… I find it sounds less formal – so more like me). You can have a read here if you’re up for some self-torture.

Also, no idea why I picked ‘when in Rome’ for the title of this post; it just felt right.

Meanwhile, in other news, I got to go to the National Archaeological Museum yesterday! It was a lot of fun! The kind of stuff they could make before, during and after the 3rd Millenium BCE…it’s awe-inspiring. So much detail! I should’ve taken pictures. What struck me even more was the fact that plaques and sculptures with ancient Greek carved on them however many thousands of years ago can still be read by people who can read Greek.



I know, I know… I shall have to wear the cone of shame:



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