lessons learned and remembered

My sincerest apologies for the extended absence – I’ve been studying and running about (figuratively) quite a bit. My mother was away for an entire four days and that meant Dad and I had the opportunity to go on some excursions and such. I also had the good fortune to see Death of a Salesman (in Greek) for the first time yesterday.

This week I learnt (and was reminded of) quite a few valuable lessons:

  1. Breaking routine from time to time is good for you. Sometimes even just going for a walk when you’re stressing about something can re-energize.
  2. Saying ‘no’ to an activity because you’re busy or working isn’t going to insult the person who suggests it. Unless you do it all the time.
  3. Don’t compress JPGs – their resolution sucks and it’s irreversible unless you keep copies of the original photos.
  4. Make copies and backup your work.
  5. Staying away from Facebook isn’t actually traumatising; at least, it helped me get more work done. I like talking to my friends, but sometimes this valuable tool we call the Internet can be more of a bane than a boon.
  6. Self-discipline isn’t difficult to implement. For example, if you’ve decided to eat heathier, or start that class you’ve wanted for ages, just do it. (I hope Nike don’t read this…)
  7. The more you read, the more you shape your world.
  8. It’s really not difficult to be kind or helpful to other people. It’s surprising how many people aren’t though.
  9. Sometimes, the answer to something can be staring you in the face; seeing things a little differently may help you recognise that.
  10. Performance is actually a really useful tool for grappling with abstract philosophical problems and for putting everyday troubles into perspective. It has the potential to change lives, and we don’t even realise it half the time because it’s classed as entertainment. And entertainment isn’t supposed to ask difficult questions. Having said that, of course not every single performance is designed for that.
  11. I’ve had the writing ‘germ’ for more than a decade now, but I’ve only just realised that words have completely bewitched me. I never thought of writing as a calling, but it’s starting to look that way. I know what I want to do with myself now (certitude is terrifying, isn’t it?).
  12. While I enjoy making fun of inspirational posters as much as the next person, I saw a great quote on one yesterday: “Να ελπίζεις και πάντα να πιστεύεις στην ελπίδα.” (“You ought to hope and always believe in hope”). Mushy, I know.
  13. I enjoy reading poetry and I actually haven’t forgotten how to write it. I just needed to get over myself.
  14. I enjoy ‘difficult’, thought-provoking performance but I also enjoy cartoons. And that’s ok.
  15. I love the sounds of certain words as they trip off the tongue.
  16. Parents are humans too, although they sometimes behave like an entirely different species.



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