#CampNaNoWriMo July 2016 : status report 3

Argh, so annoyed with myself. I fell a bit behind today (day 3). My  5000 words didn’t start flowing till late in the afternoon – when I took a break, I was about 3100 words into today’s word count.

Admittedly, writing that scene between Medea and Jason today was incredibly satisfying.

Alas, as my desk is in the open-plan living room, I kept getting interrupted – mainly by my parents. To be fair, they mean well, they’re only trying to let me know they care (I think). At random points throughout the day, they asked me what I was writing about, and what word count I was on. Then there’s my dad – who gets very fidgety when he sits around doing nothing for too long. He kept asking me whether I want to go for a walk or a drive. I wanted to get ahead with my words first, before I actually take time away from the computer. We only went for a drive after 3000+ words.

Aside from the interruptions, a friend I’ve not seen in 2 months came to visit and left about an hour ago. After she left, I sat down to plonk out a few more words,  just so I don’t feel so lazy.

After an hour of writing, I’m just 900 words shy of my daily, which isn’t too bad. Hopefully, I can make up for it tomorrow. That means hitting almost 6000 words in one day. It remains to be seen…

Current official (total) word count: 14136.



2 thoughts on “#CampNaNoWriMo July 2016 : status report 3

  1. Unfortunately, that happens sometimes. It’s frustrating when you’re constantly interrupted. Break up that extra 900 words, though. Maybe instead of writing 5,900 words you can go for 5,500 words. Then the next day you can shoot for 5,400 words. Or break it up less than that over a few days. That way you won’t get too far behind, but you won’t burn yourself out either.

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