#CampNaNoWriMo July 2016: status report 5

Currently at around 32000words (just above, if I’m not mistaken). After being interrupted so often over the past few days, it’s been taking a while to get back into the swing of things. But I’m close – in terms of words, the bulk of it is done. Storywise, I’m not sure anymore… Quite sure I’m close to wrapping it up, but it still needs work – maybe more than 18000 words or however many I have left.

Argh, come onnnnnnn, Muses! Forget invocations, I’m just going to yell till they pay attention…

Admittedly, the ideas have kept flowing, I just haven’t written them down yet. I’ve taken notes, though, in my little red book… It will have to be replaced soon!

How are y’all doing with Camp NaNoWriMo?

In other news, the Open University UK has sent me the official acceptance email! Yes, that’s right, you are looking at a postgraduate on the distance-learning Creative Writing Master’s course! I actually can’t wait! 🙂

Also, got my first proper translation and editing gig – it’s paid (and not by someone in my family!). Yay! 🙂 Might be doing another translation for a friend for script development funding, but that remains to be seen! Exciting news either way!



10 thoughts on “#CampNaNoWriMo July 2016: status report 5

  1. Congrats Wolfie, my friends keep going on at me to do a Masters in something…. in fact they skip telling me to do a Masters and head straight for a PhD… I usually cite bipolar as the reason not to stress myself out again. Sounds like a great course, look forward to hearing about it. ~ P ~

    1. Thanks! 🙂 It doesn’t help that I keep getting distracted by other ideas! (currently poetry in Italian…)

      1. Italian poetry sounds so romantic. I didn’t know you could read Italian. I have been working a full time job and trying to write during my down times.

      2. I’m actually writing it in (really bad) Italian. My whole writing “career” began with poetry, but for years, I’d put more weight on fiction, and only recently got back into poetry writing. As for Italian, I only started learning in December (2015) but because I already knew French, extremely basic Spanish, and a few songs in Italian (don’t ask… I have weird hobbies), as well as Greek and English, it hasn’t been too bad. Plus, I have a lot of free time, which kind of helps when having to go over evil grammar. 🙂

        Eek, how is that going? You reached 50% the other day, right?

      3. Yay! Congrats! 🙂 How do you do it? I can’t imagine writing that many words of poetry (although, having said that, I am tempted to sit down and try… 😛 ).

      4. I have been exploring being a witch. I am afraid to call myself a witch because I fear people will persecute me. I am reading a book called To Ride a Silverbroomstick by Raven Silverwolf. So I write poetry exploring my spirituality. I have so many questions. I wrote a poem about the word Witch. I wrote about the magickal birthday I had. I write about my spiritual path. I have so much to say.

      5. Interesting! I have plenty of questions about witchcraft (have been learning a little through researching what I’m writing) , but for the purposes of my Camp NaNoWriMo project, I’ve been letting my imagination fill in the gaps. So it’s probably a very inaccurate depiction of witches – if they can be called that in my version of things – but it allows me to play around with the supernatural, and explore Death without killing off a favourite character (although that is quite dramatic and often fun to do when bored).

      6. My favorite tv show of all time is Charmed which is about witches who are Haliwell sisters. I love that show so much I wish I had close sister witches that do anything to protect good and each other. I am the oldest of 8 with four sisters but I don’t keep in contact with them ever since I was raised in foster homes because my family was abusive. I long for a sister hood of witches to celebrate the Sabbaths with. I don’t know where to find these sister witches. I am going to a church called Unity which was recommended to me by a Druid. Maybe I will make new friends and meet a guy.

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