There’s a place I go to sometimes.

It’s beyond words, beyond rage, beyond all help.

The shy child of the past drowns in a vat of acid fury.

Clarity impeccable. Focus unwavering.

I know what I must do.

No uncertainty, no fear; just do or not do. Break or not break. Smash or not smash. Kill or not kill. Hate or not hate.

No fear means no courage, no courage means no love.

But when you’re this far gone, it doesn’t matter. Untouchable – hands aren’t even trembling, see?

Rage is all, flexing dark muscles within, a panther stretching out before dinner.

I am the broken mirror.

I am the monster under the bed.

I am the nightmare that haunts your dreams.

I am the poison in your head.

I am the demon no one can look in the eye.


And it feels good.


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