discoveries: on writing

My latest writing discoveries:

  1. I write a lot of stuff that initially doesn’t seem to make sense (mostly poetry). Well, maybe it really doesn’t at all, I dunno. I just like the sound of certain words together. Certain phrases just get stuck in my head and I feel I have to put them down on the page.
  2. I like using usual words in an unusual order (as opposed to fancier words).
  3. I like writing one-line stories or micropoetry.
  4. Also, I like space.
  5. At the moment, I seem to be at war with grammar. to me, capital letters are not aesthetically pleasing (at least, for micropoetry/one or two-line stories) so I don’t use them at the beginnings of sentences.
  6. I enjoy writing poetry. 🙂


there’s a murmur in my veins I can’t put down.