Glass Animals – ZABA

This album is fascinating. Cannot stop listening!


#poem for fear

my darling
do not be afraid of the dark

close your eyes
and I’ll kiss them; kiss away

the monsters they could
not see in our hearts. //

my darling
do not be afraid of silence

give me your breaths
and I’ll turn them into music

only we can hear.



she came from love
wearing belt welts and liquor;

he came from love
that bought absences with gifts.

not all loves leave the same scars

she ran at hate
with a razor blade pillow

he ran at hate
with a gun and syringe

not all hates burn the same.

but they – they surrender to love
a home to hold
in the engulfing emptiness
that fills their open arms.

not all loves are islands of peace.

not all hates unlock their jaws. 


[this was created in response to the prompt ‘looking forwards and not backwards’]

If time is a circle
//not a line// 
then surely,
one day
my eyes will meet
your smile again.

#haiku collection

A few I have written recently (to my shame, I don’t know what the plural of ‘haiku’ is).


mouth frames a silent
shape into the ultimate
defeat of language.


gulping down bottles
brimming with you yet I still
have deserts for lips.

eyes closed

when eyes shut, you paint
my world in hues of jade smiles
and cherry laughter.


she wanders round rooms,
fingers flicking morse code lights;
no doorways darkened.


I excavate words,
the archaeology of
ancient souls laid bare


you: an open wound
cauterised daily with lime
and tequila tears.


forests splayed, spreadeagled
across our cold concrete walls

birds hum lullabies
in the notes of our songs

water washes away
the grinding weariness of gravity.

in truth, every day
we are returning
to the earth
before the grave.