Why typography?

I love typography

As a writer, I feel it is essential to examine typography, since it is what makes an article, a short story, or a book, attractive to a reader. 

I think we underestimate the subtle beauty of it, because all of us select what we read without really considering why we choose to read one thing instead of another. Obviously, with books, the content already sells it to the reader – if you are a fan of Stephen King, you will try to read his books.

But if you are a blogger, why should someone read your stuff instead of somebody else’s?

Again, sometimes the content and your reputation can sell it (e.g. an article about finance, or an article written by a certain journalist may draw you in) but let’s face it, if you’re like me, about to try to break into the business, nobody except your friends and family know you.

Which is why you need typography and graphic design skills! At least, in my humble opinion…