Fashion notes

I tend to not buy t-shirts or jumpers with naked ladies on them; it’s just too weird to walk around with that on my clothing.

This also usually extends to t-shirts with the names and pictures of cities I’ve never been to. You know the type; it’s the grey/dark-coloured jumper with LA or NYC or TOKYO or some other famous location written all over it. I had made a promise to myself never to buy into that.

Of course, it was a matter of time before this was challenged. At the moment, as you might’ve noticed, I am quite in love with wolves. I can’t quite justify it – there are many amazing creatures out there, but the wolf is particularly close to my heart. Maybe it’s the howling, or the growling, or the hunting. I don’t know, I just know I like ’em a lot, ok?

And so, here I sit, in shame, writing this post while sitting in my newest piece of clothing: a baseball sports jacket with “B.Wolves” on it. To combat my hipsterish impulse, I rushed to the internet to find out if this was actually based on a real team or not.


1. It could be a reference to the 1908 FA Cup Finalists Wolverhampton Wanderers . I say this because the hoody version of this jacket has MXMVIII (or MXMVII… it’s hard to tell) on the side, which could be a really badly transcribed Roman numeral version of 1908. Of course, it is equally likely the designer just decided the numerals “look cool” and threw in a bunch of ’em.

The transcription of 1908 to Roman numerals would actually be MCMVIII.

M = 1000

CM = 1000 -100, since when a number precedes a much larger one, you subtract, like… er… XL would be 40, seeing as X is 10 and L is 50, and you probably wouldn’t put more than 3 X’s in a row – cause the Romans were practical like that.

VIII = 5 (V) + 3 (III) = 8

As for MXMVIII, that could probably transcribe to 1998, since you’d take X away from M. The arithmetic would be 1000 – 10 = 990, but you would most likely write 1998 as MCMXCVIII (1000 + (1000 – 100) + (100 – 10) + 8).

Anyway, enough of Roman numerals! It could be the Wolverhampton Wanderers, but the colours don’t match up: the jacket is black and white, whereas the team’s colours would be black and yellow.

2. It could be a reference to the Wolves’ baseball team in Florida. Still, it’s a youth team, and the colours don’t really match.

3. I don’t know… All this hypothesising won’t really help unless someone actually asks the designer what they had in mind. Either way I am wearing it, I guess.

4. I have too much free time, don’t I?