Leaves strewn on bone-dust, fingerprints

surrounding the scene of the crime.

To say there had been a struggle

would be a gross overstatement.

Death came swift, that was much certain:

straight to the jugular.


Thus autumn gave way to winter.


[while raking through poems I discarded, this happened:]

When the midnight moon howls and grows

and shadow-creatures come out to play,

walk with me among the ruins of trees

green ghosts in a garden of earth we’ll be

and together forget


the whole world is scorched.

#prompt chaos: Apophis

[written in response to a prompt on tumblr. The prompt was ‘Apophis’ – the Egyptian god of chaos]

I am nothing
I am all
I am laughter
In leathery skin I crawl
I am hate
I am lust
Worship me,
And you shall come to dust.


[This one feels like it still needs a bit of work, but I thought I’d share it for now and see what happens]


selkie slithers

past charcoal sails


a sextant to sight her moon

from my horizon


no mean feat

to drown the sorrows of the sea.


I have had a phrase stuck in my head that I think is a quote from something. The thing is, I have no idea where it’s from and I’ve no idea how to look for it. (Google is not helping) Any thoughts?